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The Only Representative

The procedures defined by the REACH Regulation may be implemented only by companies with a head office in the EU. On the other hand this means that companies with head offices outside the EU may not perform the prescribed procedures alone – pre-registration or registration for instance.

Two possibilities are available for undisturbed export in the EU

  • 1

    All obligations arising from REACH can be handled by your importers

    In this case each importer in the EU must separately (pre)register the substance which they want to import and for which the importer shall cover all costs. Such an importer therefore becomes an owner of the registration and may buy the substance from any producer outside the EU. In other words, the importer may change the producer at anytime.

  • 2

    You appoint the Only Representative

    who in your name as the producer (pre)registers substances which are produced. Therefore, your Only Representative covers all importers in the EU with the registration. Importers don’t have to perform a (pre)registration. In this case an individual importer can’t freely change suppliers (if they don’t have well managed documentation or if documentation is managed by the importer).

The European Union is quite a large market, therefore, we advise you not to leave anything to chance. It is recommended that you sustain the control over the activities which your results in the European market depend on.

The advantage of determining the Only Representative

We enable producers outside of the EU to maintain complete control and arrange everything necessary for the sale of chemicals in the European markets at minimum cost. In this case you can authorise us as your only representative to implement all necessary procedures demanded by the REACH Regulation in your name and for your account. In other words, our assistance guarantees you the same rights as apply for European companies. You get the same status as European producers.

In this case, the owner of the registration is your company which also pays for all costs. As the sole representative we are only your second hand, since you authorised us for the mentioned services.

Well–managed documentation gives you an advantage

European importers are well aware that by importing chemicals which don’t fulfil the REACH requirements they take over all obligations. Therefore, most importers tend to buy from companies who have arranged all the REACH requirements. Such companies have an advantage before others.
The selection of our service – the Only Representative – enables you as the company with a head office outside the EU to be equipped with everything you need for uninterrupted sale of chemicals in the European market:

  • from the aspect of REACH you are guaranteed with a similar status as other European producers or importers,
  • you acquire a partner with many years of experience in the field of REACH.

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