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Save up to 30% of transport costs and produce your transport documents in less than 5 minutes.

When do you need an ADR consultant?

The Transport of Dangerous Goods Act doesn’t stipulate only the obligations of drivers but of all participants in the transport of dangerous goods. This means that each company which is engaged in road transport or packaging, loading or unloading of dangerous goods connected with transport, should have a safety consultant.

If dangerous goods are supplied to your courtyard as an ADR shipment (cargo vehicles with orange signs), you as the receiver or the unloader of dangerous goods have certain obligations that arise from the mentioned law. You also have certain obligations as the filler, loader or sender of dangerous goods. Your case, however, may be different, but you still have to fulfil your obligations.

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Simona Miklavčič

ADR consultant

With ADR you can reduce your costs and take advantage
of the following possibilities:

  • Together, we review your range of activities and identify the fields that are binding for you under the Transport of Dangerous Goods Act.
  • We prepare the work method that will enable you to exploit exceptions in the ADR-related legislation; in our experience, such savings amount up to 30% of the transport price without exceptions.
  • Now you can quickly, simply and without any manual calculations produce transport documents in different languages. It’s FREE and via a safe web-based application. There are more than 50 companies using this application right now!
  • You receive easy to use instructions for dangerous goods management within the company in accordance with the regulations on the transport of dangerous goods; in this way, you will exactly know your obligations!
  • 1

    Preparation of

    • dangerous goods management instructions for your company. The instructions are in accordance with the ADR regulations,
    • the procedures for verifying equipment and procedures in connection with loading, transporting and unloading dangerous goods,
    • appropriate measures and instructions for the prevention of accidents or violations of regulations,
    • annual report. The latter must at least contain the data about the quantity of transported dangerous goods by classes and the data on extraordinary events or accidents involving dangerous goods.
  • 2


    • for your company in relation to activities, connected with the transport of dangerous goods,
    • at the purchase of transport means and determining appropriate requirements,
    • in the process of selecting your contractual clients in connection with the transport of dangerous goods.
  • 3


    • Specific training for all employees on managing records for verifying equipment and procedures in connection with loading, transporting and unloading dangerous goods.
    • Introduction of measures which increase the awareness about the risks connected to the loading, transport and unloading of dangerous goods.
  • 4


    • The compilation of instructions for the appropriate labelling of cargo and vehicles,
    • the implementation of appropriate measures and procedures in cases of accidents or events which could endanger the safety of transport,
    • the inquiry and implementation of specific reports on accidents during the loading, transporting and unloading dangerous goods,
    • the determination of verification procedures, which ensures the safety of loading and unloading dangerous goods.

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Frequently asked questions

What does ADR mean?

The acronym ADR is derived from the European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

ADR is to be used in all countries that signed this Agreement. Goods are classified as dangerous for transport if they are granted an UN number. Transport data (e.g. UN number, danger label, package group etc.) are listed in section 14 of the Safety Data Sheet.

What does the transport of dangerous goods per exemptions mean?

  • Dangerous goods packed in limited quantities (small packaging units), section 3.4 ADR
  • Exemptions related to quantities per transport unit, section ADR

When is a product classified as dangerous goods in the sense of transport regulations?

Transport information can be found in section 14 of the Safety Data Sheet. Dangerous goods have a certain UN number (e.g. a dye with a flashpoint under 60°C is allocated under UN 1263). Besides the UN number, other transport data are listed in section 14 required to properly mark the packaging and prepare the relevant transport documentation.

Is ADR transport required to dispatch 1 carton of dye packed in 2.5 L packaging with a flashpoint 56°C?

According to the ADR, dye is classified as dangerous goods with UN 1263. Since it has a flashpoint of 56°C, it is classified under the packaging group III. This UN number has a limited quantity of 5 L (column 7a in Table 3.2 ADR). Since the dye is packed in a packaging containing less than 5 L, exemptions can be used which can be found in section 3.4 of the ADR. It is important to put a danger label for limited quantities (LQ) on the carton and that the gross volume does not exceed 30kg. ADR transport is thus not needed to dispatch.

LQ Label:

LQ Label

How to calculate points according to the section of ADR?

We would like to transport:

  • 5 handles of each 10 L dye with No. UN 1263, transport group 3 (the quantity must be multiplied by the factor 1)
  • 4 handles of each 20 L solvent with No. UN 1993, transport group 2 (quantity must be multiplied by the factor 3)

Calculation: 5×10×1 + 4×20×3 = 290

Since the number of points is lower than 1000, an exemption can used to transport smaller quantities of dangerous goods and ADR transport is not required.

Example of written instructions for action in case of an accident (link)

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