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Unlock the potential of South-Eastern Europe!

Has your transport ever been stuck at a border crossing because you didn’t have the appropriate documentation? Then you know how important it is to have access to professional support wherever you operate!

Save time and focus on your business challenges

Our franchises in Zagreb, Banjaluka and Belgrade enable you to focus on your business challenges while having personal, professional and quick access to essential information for the entire Adriatic area. We provide you with the following services:

Recognised professionals with many years of experience guarantee that the provided service remains at the same professional level regardless of the geographical area where you operate.

Dragica Valek Grašovec

Director of Bens Consulting Croatia

Dragana Milovanović

Director of Bens Consulting Serbia

Why is this relevant for you and your operations?

The saying “time is money” is more than true in this case. We save you time because we enable you:

  • to obtain all required information via one company or one phone number,
  • to quickly review and control the entire documentation in all languages via a single web-based system,
  • to manage all documents required by the competent bodies in individual countries,
  • to always have personal support in all markets where you operate,
  • to proactively resolve potential problems and to personally impact the speed of the resolution of your claims.

The results of our cooperation:

  • you don’t spend a minute of your time searching for regulations and handling customs authorities,
  • your goods are no longer stuck at the border for several hours or even days due to the lack of knowledge about regulations,
  • you are no longer exposed to fines set by inspectors just because you are not present at inspections due to other business obligations,
  • you can focus your energy and time on meeting your business challenges.

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