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Chemius.Pro allows chemical experts to become their best

Now you can create, manage and share chemical documentation
easier and faster than ever imagined!

Increase your

Chemius.Pro almost entirely eliminates the time-consuming and unproductive transcription. You can efficiently use your expertise and at the same time save up to 80% of your time.

Start using it now
and without limitations

You can start using the application in less than 60 seconds (time we need to register you). No time-consuming installation of software. Upgrades and updates of the application are performed in such way that your work doesn’t get disturbed.

Save time

You can produce safety data sheets, labels and instructions for safe work in 30 minutes. You can manage the distribution of your documents as well as translations in 21 languages with a few mouse clicks. Chemius.Pro also considers local specialties in regulations!

Access it at anytime
and anywhere

You can access the documentation
anywhere and anytime – all you need
is a computer with internet access.

More affordable
than you think

The service is paid for on a monthly basis depending on the quantity of SDSs included in the application. Discounts on quantity vary from 7 to 70%, and you get an additional 29% discount on MSDSs in other languages!

Safety on a web
bank level

Maximum safety of your data is guaranteed by implementing standards which banks use for their online operations.

Get the right tool for your chemical expertise

Create, manage and share chemical documentation
easier and faster than ever imagined! Call us at +386 41 979 800 for your Chemius.Pro

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