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Fast, professional and practical advice
for your stress–free business!

Personal representation of your interests at inspections
in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina!

We guarantee greater safety for your operations and more time for your business challenges.

Free your time for business challenges

As chemical consultants, we take over all activities which are necessary for your stress-free work:

  • Personally represent your interests at chemical inspections.
  • Compile all the necessary documentation for the acquisition of a permit or for reporting potential modifications.
  • Prepare the applications for the registration of hazardous chemicals at the Chemicals Office.
  • Assist you in preparing regular annual reports.
  • Advise you about the categorisation and labelling of final (production or sales) products and in the adjustment of chemical composition.
  • Advise you in the preparation of labels and in selecting the printing technique.
  • Advise you on chemicals storage, so that chemicals are appropriately and safely stored.
  • Follow legislative changes and are always available for any questions.

Bojan Buinac

director and owner of BENS Consulting

Simona Miklavčič

Simona has more than 20 years of professional experience in chemical consulting for all fields of chemical industry.

In this way:

  • you have more time for your business challenges,
  • you don’t have to deal with bureaucratic matters (permits, modification reporting, applications, annual reports etc.) anymore as we handle them for you,
  • you have professional advice available whenever you need it,
  • you enjoy stress-free inspector visits as we personally represent your interests in front of authorities on your behalf.

At the end there is just one question you need to ask yourself. Does your business have the time it'll take you to learn how to do it right? Or can you afford to do nothing instead?

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Since 1996 we have helped over 300 companies from all branches of the chemicals industry. From some of the largest companies in the world to innovative, small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs.

Extensive know-how and flexible organisation enables us to meet your expectations and guarantee you stress-free operations.

  • Guaranteed safety of your operations

    The entire process is carried out
    in the following stages:

  • 1 We first get to know
    your working processes

    In this way we can optimally adapt to your needs and we don’t disturb your operations.

  • 2 We examine
    your documentation.

    We get familiar about the chemicals
    you produce or sell.

  • 3 We assess the current situation and prepare a report.

    This professional document contains findings obtained from the previous two stages. At the same time it provides our opinion about the current situation of your documentation in a quick and transparent way.

  • 4 We propose measures for the elimination of deficiencies.

    In the case of possible deficiencies, we provide professional solutions harmonised with your operations and we draft a time schedule
    for their elimination.

  • 5 We don’t disturb your work processes.

    All agreed activities are preliminarily discussed and harmonised with you. We don’t disturb your work processes and we guarantee timely elimination of the established deficiencies.

Information is the key to success. Those, who are better informed, can perform
work more efficiently and profitably. And this is why this service is not only
of great importance for you, but it is quite essential for your business.

Call us at +386 41 979 800 and ask about the benefits we can offer you.

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