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Get service as you really deserve. Fast, professional and personalised!

The team at BENS Consulting believes that chemical law can be your competitive advantage.

We help you change the time-consuming manual preparation of documentation into a user friendly and individualised system. In this way we enable you fast, safe and simple access as well as the distribution of updated documentation. And this is available to you at all times and places.

Our mission is to enable you personal, expert and fast access to essential information for the entire field of chemical law.

A wide network of franchises and verified professionals offers you locally-verified information and personal representation in cases of inspections.

The first web-based application for the preparation, management and distribution of documentation for chemicals in the world enables us to execute services faster and cheaper while adapting them to your needs.

Since we have insured our business liability and provide a 100% guarantee for our work, cooperating with us is really safe and stress-free.

Personal, fast and professional!

We have dedicated all our efforts and committed ourselves to this goal since our establishment in 1996. Based on trust we have built strong and long-term relationships with our clients, thus enabling them to reach their full potential.

Bojan Buinac

CEO and owner of BENS Consulting

Bojan is the driving force, the brains and the face of the company. Since the establishment in 1996, he has actively cooperated and formed the field of chemical law. He is responsible for the activation of the Chemius application in 2006 - this is the first web-based application in the world used for the preparation, management and distribution of chemical documentation.

Bojan Dimic

Sales and Marketing Manager

Bojan handles all communication with clients and is in charge of BENS' corporate image in the media. He is a passionate advocate of personal approach and long-term open cooperation with clients. He has a degree in communicology, management and international business.

Simona Miklavčič

Consultant for ADR and Chemicals

Simona is a Bachelor of Chemistry with 15 years of professional experience. She is persistent, detail-oriented and very reliable. She mostly handles biocides and activities connected with the implementation and maintenance of documentation for chemicals. She is also an ADR expert and completely dedicated to clients.

Matic Pfeifer

Chemical Consultant

Matic is a graduate chemist who is committed to finding quick and practical solutions for our clients. He’s responsibilities are twofold. First, taking good care of chemical documentation for clients. And second, participation in the development of new tools and different approaches to advisory services, as well as to digitization of development processes and regulations in the industry.

Ana Pavčič

Consultant for ADR and Chemicals

Ana is a graduate chemical engineer and an experienced chemical consultant. In addition to extensive knowledge, Ana’s virtues are exceptional accuracy, reliability and excellent organization skills. Otherwise, Ana is a very communicative, energetic and positive person, always ready to help our clients and co-workers.

Urška Poje Matè

Chemical Consultant

Urška is a technical safety engineer and chemical consultant. Her areas of expertise are biocide products legislation and regulatory toxicology. She has a good sense for the needs of our clients and she always strives to find the best solutions for them.

Anže Križ


Anže started his professional career at Bens Consulting. His mature approach, positive thinking and the desire to explore quickly made him an indispensable part of the team. Anže is a reliable and kind co-worker, always ready to help our clients.

Luka Rifelj

Chemical Consultant

Good will and attention to details drive you forward. But only with the right strategy. For Luka no challenge is too difficult due to his analythical approach, which he developed trough years of studying chemisty and playing chess. Luka is a true team-player who selflessly shares his knowledge with others and helps his colleagues anywhere he can.

Bine Ledinek


Bine is helping clients solve the most demanding challenges that require patience and in-depth knowledge from all areas of chemical legislation. Customers especially praise his dedication, speed and finding solutions tailored to their business. These qualities - speed, resourcefulness, attention to details, and love for demanding challenges – make him an ideal expert also when it comes to the difficult field of biocides.

Dragana Milovanović

CEO of BENS Consulting Serbia

Dragana has been the CEO and since 2012 the owner of our franchise in Serbia. We all appreciate her dedication to clients and her focus on achieving their goals. She has a degree in technology engineering and has also passed the chemicals consultant examination.

+381 64 1808 103

Leposava Rašković

Consultant, Serbia

Leposava joined our team in 2017 and has been an invaluable help to Dragana ever since. She graduated from Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Novi Sad and acquired the title Master of Chemistry. If you are needing a quick and quality solution to your problem, Leposava is the right person for you in Serbia.

Dragica Valek Grašovec

CEO of BENS Consulting Croatia

Dragica is our pearl in Croatia. Clients just love her positive attitude, expertise and openness. She has a degree in chemical technology engineering and many years of experience. She has an exceptional sense for dealing with clients.

+385 98 909 9899

Jelena Šetinc

Chemical Consultant, Croatia

Jelena graduated from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology and acquired a master's degree in ecological engineering. Her goal is to contribute to improving human health and environment protection against the potential harmful effects of human activities. Her greatest motivator is the desire for economic and social progress, and she's most happy when her clients are happy.

+385 1 373 65 12

Nina Pajović

CEO and owner of BENS Consulting’s franchise in Bosnia

Nina Pajović, is a chemical-regulatory expert with enormous reserves of energy, positive attitude and staggering inside know-how of chemical law in Bosnia. She spent last 16 years implementing EU regulations at the Ministry of Health in Republic of Srpska. Now her main preoccupation is helping her clients meet chemical requirements in the fastest and most convenient way possible.

Join us and award yourself!

Become our business partner abroad. If you like challenges and are ready to do
hard work and be your own boss, then this opportunity is something that might interest you.

Our franchise-based cooperation is appropriate for experts who are:

  • committed to the preparation and management of chemical documentation,
  • are involved in consulting services in the field of chemical legislation, and
  • who would like to cash-in on their extensive expertise!

As our partner abroad you won’t just cooperate with a dedicated team and have access to time-tested working processes that give results, but you'll also be able to cash in from your know-how. Please read more about this opportunity at our franchise website. Think about it. This just might be the right time to give yourself the reward that you deserve.

What will surprise you is that this sort of life is not only easier to set up than
ever before, but it's also more likely to make you successful. And happy.

Let us get to know each other!

We are always available for discussion. Choose the method that suits you best.

Basic information

BENS CONSULTING, kemijsko svetovanje, d.o.o.
Tax number: SI75902699
Identification number: 5483204000
Bank account number: IBAN SI56 0231 2001 5925 857 (NLB d.d.)

Our address

You can visit us at our business premises from 8:00 to 16:00:
Špruha 19, entrance C, third floor, 1236 Trzin

Head office: Bakovniška 7, 1241 Kamnik

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