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If you are searching for a reliable partner that will substantially simplify all documentation-related processes and listen to your needs, then I strongly recommend Bens Consulting.

Primož Juhart, CEO
Juvi d.o.o.

Well over 200 companies from various
parts of chemical industry

We work closely with entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses as well as
some of the world-known brands. Time-tested methods and processes give our
partners consistency needed to thrive in unstable times.

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Adria tehnika d.o.o.

"BENS Consulting d.o.o. has proven to be a reliable business partner"

We cooperate with BENS Consulting d.o.o. because they are highly responsive, regularly communicate with the client, deliver on agreed deadlines, listen to client's needs Furthermore, they carry out all agreed services on a high professional level and we believe that this is the most important aspect of our cooperation. BENS Consulting d.o.o. has proven to be a reliable business partner, thus we would gladly recommend it to our business partners.
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  • Barbara Perko Brvar Deputy CEO


"Performs work professionally, rapidly and efficiently."

Bens Consulting performs work professionally, rapidly and efficiently.

They are very consistent at their work, therefore, it is possible to use their complete offer encompassing consulting services and professional support in the field of chemical legislation.

I recommend their services to all who do not possess expert knowledge, concentrated within their own companies.
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  • Igor Matijevič, Head of marketing, Banex d.o.o.


"The quality of services keeps surprising us. "

We put great emphasis on reliable partners. And BENS Consulting is a reliable partner. Everything agreed was carried out within the set deadline, and the quality of services keeps surprising us.

Recently, we decided for the documentation management and maintenance service, named ChemiusExpert. Two essential advantages, which I was familiarized with in a short time. I managed to save time for my employees who previously also had to deal with documentation. I took care of the requirement to have complete documentation arranged in terms of law and content in every moment.

If you need a reliable partner who will greatly simplify management of your documentation and will listen to your needs, I would recommend BENS Consulting.
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  • Primož Šiftar, CEO, Blik d.o.o.

Chemres GmbH

"We have experienced a huge improvement in our productivity and profitability."

We have experienced a huge improvement in our productivity and profitability as we can calmly focus on things that help us sell more.
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  • David Kahlbacher, Sale / Purchasing Manager, ChemRes GmbH

DBC medikal d.o.o.

"Cooperate with people, who you can trust."

We cooperate with Bens Consulting Company on a high professional level, since they are one of rare companies which are true professionals in their line of work and they have a professional relationship with their clients.

It is of key importance that this company manages all documentation that is required for foreign markets, and assists us in entering foreign markets by considering appropriate legislation, which is fairly unknown to us. I evaluate their work based on final results which are the consequence of a systematic and proactive approach to work.

We are constantly in contact in operative matters, and they always strive for perfection in finishing open projects, and I believe that this is quite important, since time frames of activities are strongly interconnected.

I recommend everyone who want to cooperate with highly qualified professionals who strive for responsible implementation of work, to chose Bens Consulting, since by choosing them you will not only gain the name of the company, but you will always be able to cooperate with people, who you can trust and who are dedicated to their work. My thanks go to Simona, Mark, Bojan D. and Bojan B.
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  • Janez Bobnar, CEO, DBC medikal d.o.o.

DDD, d.o.o. Koper

"We rarely receive such high-quality and prompt services."

Thank you! We rarely receive such high-quality and prompt services. Congratulations!
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  • Zlatko Dakič, CEO, DDD, d.o.o. Koper

Deichmann d.o.o.

"A big thank you for the partnership, professionalism, diligence, selflessness, and lots of patience."

More than ten years ago, we were looking for a chemical consultant. At that point we decided for BENS Consulting based on our feeling. As we can see now, the feeling didn’t deceive us. With them we did not find just a professional associate, but also the best business partner. They help us greatly in almost every business challenge – even in areas when they don’t need to. It is by no means enough to just know a business partner, for a long-term cooperation it is necessary to form and foster a relationship based on mutual respect and trust, and this is the relationship we have built over the years with Bens Consulting. A big thank you for the partnership, professionalism, diligence, selflessness, and lots of patience.
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  • Patricija Šafarič, Head of sales administration SI / HR / RS / BIH, Deichmann

Den Braven Czech and Slovak a.s.

"Your service gives us assurance and satisfaction."

I would definitely recommend ChemiusExpert service to everyone for sure. Your service gives us assurance and satisfaction. Assurance that we always get fast and professional service which makes us satisfied. The other benefits are quantity discounts and regular updates.
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  • Adam Veselka, Technical department, Den Braven Czech and Slovak a.s.

Drive Int. AG

"BENS Consulting works quick, professionally, and efficiently"

BENS Consulting works quick, professionally, and efficiently. We are very happy to cooperate with them since they have lot of experiences in the area of chemical consulting. It is a pleasure to have such a business partner and work with them. Hereby we would like to thank you for your support, speed and professionalism.
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  • Lucie Neubert, Product Manager, Drive Int. AG


"Among all available companies, we chose you."

For quite some time we had been struggling through regulations and laws about chemicals, but we soon found out that we need experts, not only in the field of chemistry, but also in the field of law.

Among all available companies, we chose you and you accepted us. Let me thank you sincerely for your expertise, honesty and sincerity. I was quite pleasantly surprised by your dedication to listen to ideas and suggestions of your client or business partner. I am looking forward to our cooperation. Thank you.
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  • Ljuba Eržen, CEO, Ecot d.o.o.

FIRŠT d.o.o.

"We were able to receive the exact information that we needed"

Through education, we were able to receive the exact information that we needed. You surprised us in a positive way, since you adapted the actual education to our products. That we did not waste time on inconsequential information, but instead, through education, we came to conclusions that were important to us, what legislation is binding, what reporting is intended for us and, above all, how you put it all together and presented to us, how to make reporting easier with respect to certain products.
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  • Klavdija Strojanšek, R&D, FIRŠT d.o.o.

Framos d.o.o.

"The lecture was useful, clear and concise, with the specific information we were looking for."

Bens Consulting gave us a lecture related to "SCIP". Lecturer, Mr. Buinac is an expert, and it was clear from the lecture that he knows the subject very well. The lecture was useful, clear and concise, with the specific information we were looking for.
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  • Sanja Varga Kostel, Specialist in Quality Management, Framos

GEA Austria

"I save my nerves by real good service."

The easiest and fastest way to register in Slovenia – I save my nerves by real good service.
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  • Günther Strasser, Head of Service Sales EEC, GEA Austria GmbH


"Your politeness, professionalism and up-to-dateness are definitely your biggest advantages."

We have been cooperating with your company for numerous years and can objectively assess our cooperation as very successful.

The market and the regulations are constantly changing, therefore it is important to have a business partner like BENS Consulting, who manages our company’s safety data sheet records and informs us about novelties due to arrive, so we can appropriately adapt in due time and not lose any valuable time and energy to follow all novelties.

At BENS Consulting we always receive all answers to our questions, dilemmas and problems in connection with the regulations, laws and directives regarding the chemicals and liquids we are selling.

Your politeness, professionalism and up-to-dateness are definitely your biggest advantages and we know how to appreciate them.
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  • Robert Breznik, Area Sales manager, GMT d.o.o.

Hermes Fassadenreinigung GmbH, Germany

"The creation of the sheets went very fast."

Just a short time ago, we created our safety data sheets ourselves. This meant a great effort for us as a small and growing company.

To simplify the creation of the data sheets, I have looked for a suitable solution. A software solution was not a question because of its high costs. Then I came across BENS Consulting. After a short request I got directly an answer with the offer to send a safety data sheet. Shortly thereafter I received the data sheet in the desired languages and in our company layout. From then on the choice was not difficult and I asked BENS Consulting to manage our safety data sheets.

The creation of the sheets went very fast, also the translation into other languages was no problem and the quality is very high. My notes to the data sheets were converted very quickly to my full satisfaction. The contact to BENS Consulting is very friendly and uncomplicated. The costs are dependent on the number of data sheets, and are therefore well calculated.

In summary, I am very happy with the service of BENS Consulting and I´m locking forward for a long cooperation. Now I can focus my work on the development of new products and I don´t have to care about safety data sheets.
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  • Dr. Daniel Jaspers, Head of Chemical Development, Hermes Fassadenreinigung GmbH


"I strongly recommend Bens Consulting."

If you are searching for a reliable partner that will substantially simplify all documentation-related processes and listen to your needs, then I strongly recommend Bens Consulting.
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  • Primož Juhart, CEO, Juvi d.o.o.


"Professional, flexible, reliable and diligent."

Documentation management, which we had to guarantee as a producer and send it to the Chemicals Office, consumed quite a lot of our time.

Bens Consulting provides professional, flexible, reliable and diligent partners, therefore, the bare thought about our obligations to the Office remains quite negligible, because the Bens Consulting team does everything for us.
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  • Uroš Lipovšek, CEO, KemisPLUS d.o.o.


"Safety data sheets are prepared quickly, often even faster than we agreed, which we really warmly welcome, as it allows us to do our work faster"

Our cooperating with Bens Consulting began on the recommendation of a colleague who had previously worked with them at a former employer. While we were still at the coordination process regarding the signing of the contract, it had already become clear that we were dealing with a company that is very fast, responsive and accurate, which is extremely important for the dynamics of our work.

As our external chemicals consultant, they are always up-to-date and professional, alerting us if additional information is needed or if there are non-compliances with current legislation.

Because our work is heavily time-bound, we are happy to have a reliable partner on the other side. Safety data sheets are prepared quickly, often even faster than we agreed, which we really warmly welcome, as it allows us to do our work faster. In addition, the Chemius system itself makes our work even easier.

We also turn to them for certificates of conformity for chemicals, where they always give us good advice, point out potential problems, and always accompany their answer with an in-depth but understandable explanation, which testifies to the fact that they are very well versed.
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  • Anja Perović, Head of Quality Assurance, Lidl


"You take a pragmatic approach when solving a client's challenges"

We appreciate your quick response and communication, both in the stages of offer preparation, and in regular cooperation. You are professional, you understand our needs and you are always available when we need you. You take a pragmatic approach when solving a client's challenges (e.g. cost-effectiveness of measures). We recognize the added value in your online application for document management, Chemius, where we now find it easier to manage safety data sheets, print Safety Instructions and have all the information for preparing transport according to ADR and IATA guidelines in one place.
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  • Marko Bolka, Head of department Quality management, LPKF

Mag. Helga Stolz VertriebsgmbH

"The processing time is very short and all questions are answered quickly"

We have been working with Ben's Consulting for years. The cooperation works great. The processing time is very short and all questions are answered quickly. It's a pleasure to work with such a competent partner. We can recommend Ben's Consulting with a clear conscience.
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  • Karin Scharl, Mag. Helga Stolz VertriebsgmbH


"Bens Consulting are highly skilled experts and are very kind."

We have been successfully working with Bens Consulting for several years. We are very pleased with their services, because their translations are done professionally and diligently.

Besides translating safety sheets, Bens Consulting also manages all our documentation necessary for the submission to the Chemical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, and spares us time and troubles. The professionals at Bens Consulting are highly skilled experts and are very kind. We hope that our cooperation remains successful also in the future.«
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  • Bojan Mikluš, head of sales, MAK CMC d.o.o.

Merkur d.d.

"BENS Consulting offers most know-how in the field of chemical legislation."

Based on inquiries made about market situation we decided to choose BENS Consulting company as our chemicals consultant.

The company employs highly professional experts who advise us about the wide area of legislation, which a chemicals professional must cover. BENS Consulting offers most know-how in the field of chemical legislation, current follow-ups in legislation and the use of database access of safety sheets via the application.

They produce summaries of abstracts in accordance with legislation amendments and update us and help us search for solutions. The application that enables safety sheet access in their database is very useful, since the database contains updated versions of safety sheets. With the help of appropriate computer software employees will be able to access appropriate safety sheets.

Their extensive professional knowledge reflects in their replies in specific matters, where we are warned about the most significant facts which need to be considered in the fulfilment of legal obligations. When legislation is amended or modified, they prepare summaries which inform users by individual fields of work about the significant changes that impact operations.

They also organise presentations where other experts cooperate, thus enabling the exchange of opinions and experience. The proposals and experience of consultants are very helpful, so our company can fulfil all requirements stipulated by the novelties in the field of chemical legislation.

Everything mentioned enables our company to focus on our primary tasks and our consultant updates us on all novelties and assists us with appropriate advice.
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  • Andrej Vodenik, Head of sales, Merkur d.d.

Mitol d.o.o.

"Our experience in terms of working with BENS Consulting is always very positive."

You quickly respond to all our questions and demands about the preparation of chemical documentation (safety data sheets), whether in Slovene or in foreign languages. We expect equaly good suppport and assistance in chemical legislation, storage and dangerous goods transport also in the future.
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  • Dolores Kukanja, Head of Development, Mitol d.o.o.

Mollier d.o.o.

"They are a partner that we can rely on."

In our line of work we do not work with chemicals on a larger scale. Therefore, we do not employ any staff in this field.

Cooperation with Bens Consulting was truly a great business move.

They are a partner that we can rely on because they are promptly informing, preparing and educating us at a level that is suitable for us. And when needed, they take professional measures and help us in resolving any dilemma before it becomes a problem.

Employees are very organized, possess good knowledge, are committed, precise and friendly, which always exceeds our expectations.
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  • Barbara Benčina, Assistant CEO, Mollier d.o.o.


"Excellent consulting service!"

Excellent consulting service! High level of professionalism, quick response and collaboration. Thank you for the great work!
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  • Erika Saccoccia Regulatory Affairs Manager, Newpharm S.r.l

Oblak group d.o.o.

"They help us clarify and resolve every little detail and issue in very little time"

Experts at Bens Consulting have excellent expertise in their field of work. They know that only knowledge-based quality and quick implementation of work is important today. We are very pleased to be working with them, because they help us clarify and resolve every little detail and issue in very little time.
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  • Katarina Kovač, brand manager, Oblak group

Oqema d.o.o.

"They efficiently assist our company."

We started cooperating with Bens Consulting one year ago during our preparations for the initiation of operations of a newly estblished chemicals distribution and wholesale company.

They convinced us with their communication skills and expert approach to chemicals consulting and safety data sheet compilation.

With their professional conduct and fast responsiveness they efficiently assist our company and our activity. We recommend their services to all existing and newly established companies which need such services and can economically justify such an investment.
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  • Iztok Brglez, CEO, Oqema d.o.o.

OTP d.o.o.

"You and your colleagues became essential asset"

We can recognize that you and your colleagues became essential asset for our business.
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  • Andrej Žaren, CEO, OTP d.o.o.

Prigo, d.o.o.

"We haven't regretted cooperating with them for a single second."

Bens consulting d.o.o. Company has been our "on site" chemicals adviser since I can remember. The company was recommended on the basis of their expert know-how, professional consultants and a comprehensive offer tailored to every single client. That was back in the days and still is everything we can expect from them. And they deliver what we need! We haven't regretted cooperating with them for a single second.

They provide excellent consulting services and quality training for all employee profiles. They control the application, manipulation and storing of all types of chemicals in individual business units. They propose improvements and the elimination of unconformities. They also provide comprehensive solutions adapted to our current needs and capacities. They consistently and effortlessly adapt to any changes in our business.

The company actively participates at inspections, and they know very well what inspectors demand from us in our industry. Bens Company constantly delivers advice at regular client events or via e-posts that we regularly receive. Their consultants know our advantages and weaknesses; together we strive to eliminate the latter on a regular basis.

I would especially like to emphasise their Chemius application that offers a constant source of information to our employees about most chemicals that we store, sell or use at our work. It is quite a useful application that provides all the necessary information at one place!

If you are looking for an excellent consultant on chemicals or for a new one that will ensure your company comprehensive support and a completely tailor-made service, let me say one thing: the company whose website you’re just visiting is the right one for you!
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  • Igor Putrle, Service center expert, Prigo, d.o.o., Brezovica,

Prosen com

"A partner who knows how to adapt to all the needs."

We would certainly recommend the services of BENS Consulting, which is one of the top serious and professional providers of Slovenian material safety data sheets for chemicals and their translations using their in-depth knowledge of the guidelines and legislation in the field of chemicals in the EU and Slovenia and general expertise in chemical substances and preparations.

We have been cooperating with the company for more than ten years. The cooperation started on the basis of an oral recommendation, which surely was a very good decision because the cooperation is still very good.

With flexible marketing approaches, they are certainly a partner who knows how to adapt to all the needs of users or clients.

We recommend cooperation and the use of the services of Bens Consulting to anyone who wants to await inspection checks with peace of mind.
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  • Andrej Jenko, Sales Manager, Prosen com d.o.o.


"Bens Consulting guarantees us to arrange and organise all documents."

Since the regulations in the field of hazardous goods transport change every two years, we cannot imagine arranging and following all legal regulations and changes in the field of hazardous goods transport by ourselves.

Therefore, we have decided to search for an external consultant and considering all recommendations, we have chosen the company Bens Consulting.

Soon after signing the contract the traffic inspection stopped our driver on the road and the inspectors continued with the inspection in our company. It had turned out that we selected the right consultant.

Mutual exchange of information and the consistency of Bens Consulting guarantees us to arrange and organise all documents related to hazardous goods transport, which are frequently supervised by the competent inspection on the road and in companies.
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  • Irma Žukovec, Management's representative for quality and the environment, Regeneracija d.o.o.


"Your company excels in professionalism and flexibility."

I thank you in the name of the Rothenberger company and on my behalf for responding to our needs and for extremely quick reactions with regards to resolving problems connected to updating safety data sheets and appropriate labels.

I recommend your company to each potential client, since your company excels in professionalism and flexibility, thus providing simple solutions in the shortest time possible.
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  • Janez Brajnik, Sales representative for Slovenia, Rothenberger GmbH

Shilda International Ltd

"Reliable company for future cooperation"

s a company who trade with chemical goods we were in search for reliable service. Bens Consulting was recommended to us, so we immediately realize their value. Highly reccomended and will continue our business cooperation in future.
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  • Marko Kljakic, CEO, Shilda International Ltd


"This is our competitive advantage."

In the past, we produced safety data sheets manually in Microsoft Word format, however, that procedure was quite time consuming and it was a type of work that nobody liked doing.

Today, this is our competitive advantage because we offer partners immediate access to well arranged and regulated documentation that is accessible at any time.
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  • Sašo Kronovšek, CEO, Silco d.o.o.

SNEF.LOV d.o.o.

"Due to their professionalism and quick response, we sleep more peacefully,"

BENS Consulting is our extremely important and reliable partner in the rapid expansion into foreign markets. Their safety data sheet management system is more than excellent. Due to their professionalism and quick response, we sleep more peacefully, because we know that we have an experienced consultant for chemicals and thus arranged all the necessary documentation for the sale of our products. If you are looking for a reliable partner - then this is BENS Consulting
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  • Timotej Gračner, CMO, SNEF.LOV

Soudal NV

"Thank you very much for the excellent ChemiusExpert service!"

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  • Gunter Borgers, EH&S – Product & ADR Safety Advisor, Soudal NV

Stahlgruber d.o.o.

"You unselfishly share important information."

Our cooperation of many years is a good indicator of the fact that we are very satisfied with your services.

We would particularly like to emphasize that responsiveness is a quality, which is of crucial importance in the automotive industry we are active in.

You unselfishly share important information with us and provide us with numerous recommendations to improve our further work.
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  • Tanja Ferkulj, Project Manager, Stahlgruber d.o.o.


"We have competent people with a wide range of experience as consultants"

We have been cooperating with the Bens company for more than 10 years. Due to our industry type, it is extremely important for us that we have competent people with a wide range of experience as consultants, which we certainly get here at Bens. Whatever problems or obstacles we have had or encountered, Bens have always helped us. I also really appreciate the quick response, which is crucial nowadays. I am glad that each year they take their time to educate our employees at our request, of course. Because they already know us so well, they know exactly what the critical points in the company are and how to eliminate them.
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  • Tanja Kobav, CEO, Teknos

Tondach d.o.o.

"The team is extremely friendly, approachable and up-to-date."

In Tondach, we are more than satisfied with Bens Consulting.

The team which is working in this company is extremely friendly, approachable and up-to-date. They create SDSs for us within a few days and what is more, in several different languages.

Based on their work they are also acceptable in terms of price.

If we ever had a problem or a recipe of individual products was changed, they were very quick to help us.

I definitely recommend them to other companies that need help with the creation of safety data sheets, ADR documents and similar.
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  • Simon Pintarič, Quality Control Manager, Tondach d.o.o.

U trade d.o.o.

"Bens' consistency assures us to provide regulated documentation."

In the past few years we have witnessed frequent changes and adjustments of legislation on chemicals.

Considering the fact that we have a small company and the market situation requires full-time dedication, I simply cannot imagine to regulate and follow all legal regulations in the field of chemicals.

Therefore, we decided to let this matters be arranged by experts. Considering many recommendations we signed a contract with Bens Consulting and today, I can claim that this decision was more than right.

Our mutual exchange of information and Bens's consistency assures us to provide regulated documentation as stipulated by the Chemicals Act and which is quite often supervised by the competent inspections.
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  • Dejan Ule, CEO, U trade d.o.o.


"The work was done in an extremely short time."

The registration of biocide Sanosil Super 25 Ag and its preparations was a very demanding project due to the specific formulation of the product. However, your quality and professional approach to work as well as your professional attitude enabled us to conclude all registration procedures and the implementation of necessary labels and documents.

The work was done in an extremely short time interval, thus enabling us a rapid launch in the market and undisturbed operations. We thank you for our cooperation and look forward to your consulting services in the future.
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  • Ivan Sodnik, CEO, Valter d.o.o.

Vendo-Pušnik d.o.o.

"Quick and easy preparation of labels that are always in line with the latest valid SDSs."

The production of labels and their alignment with the SDSs used to be very time-consuming. At each revision of the SDSs it was necessary to check if the legally prescribed label elements have changed.

With its program Bens Consulting made it possible for us to quickly and easily prepare labels that are always in line with the latest valid SDSs.
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  • Robert Pušnik, CEO, Vendo-Pušnik d.o.o.

Vigo, Metoda Vozelj s.p.

"The best consulting services possible."

The registration of VIGO KA DE insecticide spray for dogs against fleas and ticks, and VIGO insecticide shampoo for dogs was quite a demanding project.

With your quality and professional approach to work as well as professional relationship, we managed to successfully conclude the registration procedure and the production of necessary labels and documents.

All the work was done in the shortest time possible, thus enabling us undisturbed production and sales.

We thank you for your cooperation. We are convinced that you will always provide the best consulting services possible.
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  • Metoda Vozelj, CEO, Vigo, Metoda Vozelj s.p.

Vuki a.s.

"Helps us to save time and money."

Company BENS Consulting is very flexible and competent to solve all our inquiries on time.

Without using such service we can hardly follow legislative CLP and REACH registration and never be able to process so many documents, which have to be updated regularly according to the local legislation.

We are happy to work with BENS Consulting, it helps us to save time and money and help us to present VUKI as the professional and modern company
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  • Jana Porubenska, Head of Sales, Vuki a.s.

Wurth d.o.o.

"Now we have more time for our core business."

The daily challenges we were facing regarding translation and maintenance of our MSDSs and labels for numerous chemical products from our offer disappeared when we started our co-operation with Chemical Consulting Ltd.

We received quick service and competent counterparts who are always at our disposal. Now we have more time for our core business, and at the same time we have an up-to-date base of MSDSs and labels.
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  • Vladimir Dinić, Product Manager, Würth d.o.o.

Yacht center Adriatic d.o.o.

"This application is insane."

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  • Tomislav Gjurinski, CEO, Yacht center Adriatic d.o.o.

Žiro d.o.o.

"We can focus on our work alone."

As a company that sells colours, we had been dealing with the necessary procedures for labelling hazardous chemicals for a long time. Since we live in a time, when the legislation in the field of chemicals is constantly changing, this presented quite a burden for our company, since we often did not know what measures were necessary to enable our company to work in accordance with the current legislation.

A few years ago we started cooperating with Bens Consulting Company, which simplified this field of work and also remedied many errors, which we had done until the start of our cooperation. The inspectors from the Chemicals office of the Republic of Slovenia visited us many times, and with the help of professionals from Bens Consulting, the inspections were implemented without any problems.

We are very satisfied with their conduct and work, because they really offer a lot of assistance to us. It is easier to operate if you let professionals do their job and we can focus on our work alone.
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  • Ivo Čoh, CEO, Žiro d.o.o.

The results of our cooperation:

  • you don’t spend a minute of your time searching for regulations and handling customs authorities,
  • your goods are no longer stuck at the border for several hours or even days due to the lack of knowledge about regulations,
  • you are no longer exposed to fines set by inspectors just because you are not present at inspections due to other business obligations,
  • you can focus your energy and time on meeting your business challenges.

Call us at +386 41 979 800 and ask
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