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The Role of APIs in Businesses - SDS-API

In the world of the chemical industry, consistent access to safety data sheets (SDS) that are constantly updated in compliance with regulations is crucial. We understand the complexity of managing these documents, so here is a solution that alleviates this burden - SDS-API. However, if you're still unsure if SDS-API is the right tool for you, you can watch a video explaining the advantages of digital over traditional PDF safety data sheets.

What is SDS-API?

Chemius SDS-API is an innovative interface designed to simplify access to and management of chemical safety data sheets. Instead of searching through separate sources or manually updating documents, you can easily integrate safety data sheets into your business systems with SDS-API. For a better understanding of how SDS-API works, you can watch the following video.

How does SDS-API work?

  • Direct integration into business systems: SDS-API allows easy integration with your ERP or CRM system, facilitating the transfer and updating of safety data sheets.
  • Obtaining specific information: By using SDS-API, you can quickly retrieve specific safety data sheets or the entire list based on certain criteria.
  • Use of permalinks: Permalinks (links to digital safety data sheets) created in the Chemius application act as direct links to detailed product information, making it easier to include them in reports or digital invoices.

Advantages of SDS-API:

  • Simplified management: With easy access to updated safety data sheets, the time and effort required to manage these documents are reduced.
  • Process automation: SDS-API enables automated transfer and updating of safety data sheets, reducing the possibility of errors and the risk of non-compliance.
  • Improved regulatory compliance: By providing continuously updated versions of safety documents, companies can remain compliant with regulatory requirements.
  • Increased operational efficiency: With easy access to the latest safety information, companies can improve their operational processes and customer services.
  • More integrated workflow: SDS-API enables a more connected and efficient workflow for chemical management, leading to better internal operations and partner relations.


Implementing SDS-API into a company is quick and easy, with minimal impact on existing systems. Implementation does not require significant effort as SDS-API is designed for easy integration into the system.

Collaboration with the IT department is crucial during implementation, as they can quickly understand the requirements and provide technical support. Bens Consulting guides you through the SDS-API implementation process, explaining different codes and guiding on how to facilitate the implementation process.

Before final implementation, testing is recommended to ensure the proper functioning of SDS-API in the company's business environment. After successful implementation, appropriate training for employees on the use of SDS-API is also provided.

Based on our experience, SDS-API implementation can be completed in less than a week, if the company already has an established IT department. Once SDS-API is set up, no additional work is required, resulting in minimal maintenance and maximum efficiency.

However, if you're still unsure if SDS-API is the right tool for you, you can watch a video explaining the advantages of digital over traditional PDF safety data sheets.

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