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May 2023’ss overview of Member States decisions in relation to implementation of Annex VIII to CLP Regulation

We are well into the third year of the beginning (from 1. 1. 2021) of the implementation of PCN and UFI requirements according to Annex VIII to CLP Regulation. 
European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has added Slovakia in this recent report on implementation of Annex VIII to CLP Regulation (Poison Centre Notification).  
The first thing that comes to mind – are there any fees, associated with the submission in Slovakia? According to the overview, there are no fees for the notification in Slovakia. The language in which you need to submit the PCN is Slovak.  
When can you start placing on the market mixtures notified via ECHA Submission portal in Slovakia?  
Duty holder can start placing the mixture on the market immediately after confirmation in the submission report that the dossier has passed the automated validation checks in the portal (without awaiting further approval from the Member State). 
To further check the requirements this 6-page document gives you all the relevant information on country-by-country basis. And colors help you navigate and quickly check: 

  • which countries are already connected to ECHA Submission portal, so you start notifying the mixtures; 
  • how can you submit your notifications; 
  • in what language you need to submit your notification;
  • are there any fees related with the notification process; 
  • when can you actually start placing your mixture on the market. 

The only country in the EEA in which you still have to do the notification through their local system, remains Bulgaria. Currently there are no indications on when their system will be ready to join the dissemination through the established ECHA Submission Portal. 
Also, let’s not forget that the next relevant deadline for PCN is approaching fast – notification of mixtures for industrial use only1 January 2024.  

If you are stuck or in lack of time then it is maybe time, we help you. Short e-mail to me ( could save you a ton of time and energy. 

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UFI / PCN | May 29, 2023

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