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UFI and PCN notifications

PCN Notification is becoming increasingly important for companies handling hazardous mixtures. By 2025, this process will be mandatory for all products in the European Union. If you find yourself struggling with this, we can help.

What is a PCN Notification?

A PCN notification is a process by which a company ensures that information about hazardous mixtures reaches a unified European database of poison centers. This helps ensure the safety and health of users of these mixtures.

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What is a UFI Code?

UFI stands for Unique Formula Identifier. It is a 16-character code found on the labels of hazardous products and in safety data sheets (SDS). The UFI code allows precise tracking and identification of mixtures.

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Who is Responsible for PCN Notifications?

All importers and manufacturers of mixtures sold in the European Union, as well as companies that repackage or rename mixtures, are responsible for PCN notifications. A company generates the UFI code using its VAT number, then enters precise information about the composition and hazards of the chemical during the notification process.

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Which Mixtures are Subject to PCN?

PCN notification is mandatory for mixtures that are hazardous to health (labeled with hazard statements: H3XX) and for mixtures with physical hazards (labeled with hazard statements: H2XX). It is not mandatory for mixtures classified only as hazardous to the environment (labeled with hazard statements: H4XX).

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What Information is Needed for a Successful PCN Notification?

For a successful PCN notification, you must provide accurate and correct data, such as the safety data sheet, ECHA account, packaging, and countries for notification.

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What are the Additional (Hidden) Costs of PCN Notifications?

Watch out! Some countries in the EU/EEA, such as Hungary, Italy, Ireland, and Belgium, require additional payments for PCN notifications. The costs are borne by the company itself, and each country has its own process.

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What are PCN Notification Updates?

Updating the information in a PCN notification is necessary if there are changes to the product. This process is called a PCN notification update and ensures that all data is always current.

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Ensure your hazardous mixtures are properly notified and safe to use!

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