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Third Party Representative

If you don’t want anyone to know the status of your company in the REACH process then the Third Party Representative is the right service for you.

REACH procedures are not usually confidential. At the moment when you perform a pre-registration of a substance, your company emerges on a list of companies who have pre-registered the same substance.

Everyone can see everything. If you want to avoid this, then the Third Party Representative is the right solution for you!

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the benefits we can offer you!

What do we provide in the scope of the Third Party Representative service?

The following activities are performed for you:

  • Late pre-registration and/or registration.
  • Representation of you and your interests with the Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) and other consortiums.
  • Provision of information to you about the results of discussions (also directly).
  • Advising you and performing negotiations within the scope of SIEF or a consortium. Advising you with regards to strategies and tactics.
  • Advising you regarding obligations and deadlines connected with registration.
  • Attending meetings with SIEF or a consortium in accordance with your instructions.

What advantages does the Third Party Representative offer you?

The Third Party Representative insures your interests and guarantees:

  • that your company isn’t visible on the list of companies who performed a pre-registration (instead the name of our company is listed),
  • that you remain the owner of the pre-registration and registration,
  • that you are well-informed about the discussions held at SIEFs although you aren’t an official participant.

It is not necessary to reveal your plans just because you have to
do everything that the REACH Regulation requires you to do.

Call us at +386 41 979 800 and we will
assist you in protecting your interests.

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