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Today, I'm sharing 5 practical steps that will help you if you're a beginner in the field of chemicals in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Following these steps will allow you to easily manage all the obligations prescribed for manufacturers and importers of chemicals in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1. Determine whether you Import or manufacture chemicals
This point might seem unusual, but from my experience, I know that some companies dealing with chemicals don't know if the regulations on chemicals apply to them.

Some importers believe that paints, varnishes, or hygiene maintenance products are not chemicals but "ordinary" products with no special obligations. These products are chemicals and are subject to specific regulations and requirements.

TIP: At this stage, first determine the product categories (industrial chemical, detergent, biocide, poison, precursor, etc.) to more easily identify your obligations. Check with the shipper for additional obligations based on the tariff number of the products you import.

2. Check applicable regulations based on the company's headquarters
Given that different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina have different chemical regulations, this is an important step.

In the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, poison regulations are still in effect, while in the Republic of Srpska, modernized chemical regulations have long been applied. You can read more about the obligations you need to know before placing chemicals on the market in Bosnia and Herzegovina here.

TIP: If you operate chemical sales throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, you must comply with specific requirements in all parts of the country.

3. Obtain necessary permits for the company
If you have determined that you import or manufacture chemicals, you need to obtain a permit for such activities.

Depending on the company's headquarters, you need to do the following:

    • In the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you need to obtain a decision/permit from the competent authority, following a prior check of meeting the conditions for this activity. This obligation currently only applies to poisons.
    • In the Republic of Srpska, you need to register in the Register of Chemical Manufacturers and Importers. For this purpose, you must appoint a chemical advisor.

TIP: A foreign manufacturer (or distributor) must appoint a representative or importer with a headquarters in Bosnia and Herzegovina who will be responsible for fulfilling the prescribed obligations.

4. Obtain necessary permits for chemicals
In the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a permit is currently only required for the import of poisons.

In the Republic of Srpska, chemicals need to be listed in the Official Register of Chemicals. If you manufacture or import biocides, their registration is also required. If the chemicals you import are considered precursors, additional permits are needed.

TIP: At this stage, you must ensure proper documentation for the chemicals, primarily the safety data sheet and the label.

5. Start selling
Once you have obtained all the permits and met all the requirements, you can start selling chemicals. Remember to keep records of the chemicals you have produced or imported and prepare annual reports.

TIP: Your obligations do not end here. As long as the chemical you have produced or imported is on the market, you must ensure that it is used without harm to humans and the environment.

I hope this brief overview of obligations is helpful. If you need additional advice, write to me at

Information on this blog is prepared with utmost care, but it is not about (chemical) consulting, and the provider does not assume any responsibility or liability for the correctness, accuracy and up-to-dateness of published content. If you need advice for a specific case, you can write to us at
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