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BiH: Lists of Active Substances in Biocides – What They Are and What They Actually Mean?

If you are a manufacturer or distributor of biocides, you are probably already familiar with terms such as biocidal active substance, type of biocide, or lists of biocidal substances. If biocides are still unfamiliar to you, check out this text where I explained how to recognize biocides.

Today, I will talk in more detail about biocide lists: which ones exist and what they mean.

First, let's recall an important fact: in Bosnia and Herzegovina, biocide regulations exist only in the Republic of Srpska. I wrote in detail about the procedure for placing biocides on the market in the Republic in this text.

For a biocide to be placed on the market in accordance with the Biocides Act, it must contain an approved active substance. What does that mean?

It means that the substance carrying the biocidal activity of a product is recognized as such and included in the list of approved active substances.

When we say "list of approved active substances," we actually mean the List of Active Substances that are permitted in biocidal products as determined by a specific regulation. This list contains substances that, after evaluation, are concluded to be usable as biocidal active substances. Therefore, we say they are approved – they have undergone a detailed evaluation process in the European Union.

For these substances, the degree of purity, the date of inclusion on the list, the expiration date of approval, and specific conditions of use in certain products are prescribed.

In addition to approved substances, the list of permitted substances also includes substances that are under review in the European Union. These are substances whose evaluation process is not yet complete but can be used until the process is finished.

After the review, substances may either be approved – included in the list of approved substances, or banned from further use. Thus, these substances are allowed for use in biocidal products, but temporarily. It is important to note that not all active substances are allowed for use in all biocidal products. Each list specifies in which type or types of biocides a particular substance can be used (e.g., insecticide – type of biocide 18 (PT18)).

Besides approved active substances, the Republic of Srpska also enforces a List of Active Substances that are not allowed for use in biocidal products. This list includes active substances that cannot be used in certain biocidal products. Substances currently under review that are concluded, upon the completion of the process, to be unsuitable for use in biocidal products will also be found on this list.

If you are a manufacturer or distributor from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, remember that you must comply with the regulations of the Republic of Srpska if you place biocides on the market in the Republic of Srpska.

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Biocides | June 6, 2024

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