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How can ADR-API integration optimize processes and reduce the risk of errors in the transport of dangerous goods?

Managing the transportation of dangerous goods by road requires precise knowledge of transport regulations.

The Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) stipulates that each transport of dangerous goods must be accompanied by appropriate documentation – a transport document. The content and sequence of data in the transport document are strictly defined. The transport document must specify the type and quantity of dangerous goods being transported in the vehicle. A crucial piece of information that must be stated in the transport document is the number of ADR points, calculated according to Chapter of the ADR. The number of ADR points determines whether it is a "full ADR transport" or an exception for transporting small quantities of dangerous goods. Due to the dynamic nature of data and legislative requirements, companies constantly face the challenge of maintaining the currency of their transportation management systems. Chemius ADR-API simplifies this complex process by automating the determination of ADR requirements directly from the order or invoice. The ADR-API ensures that transportation documents are always compliant and up to date.

What is ADR-API?

ADR-API is a software interface that enables the automation of ADR requirements regarding transportation documentation. In this way, it facilitates regulatory compliance for companies and ensures the safe transportation of dangerous goods. ADR-API streamlines the process of preparing and issuing appropriate transport documents, helping companies ensure that their shipments of dangerous goods are properly labeled and documented in accordance with international regulations.

For a better understanding of how the ADR-API works, you can watch the following video.   

How does ADR-API work?

  • ADR-API operates by integrating with the business management system or other applications used in the company to monitor and manage the transportation of goods.
  • When a work order is created, ADR-API automatically reviews the data on dangerous goods and calculates ADR points, which are crucial for determining whether transportation must comply with the ADR agreement.
  • Based on this calculation of ADR points, ADR-API generates the appropriate transport document. This process enables quick decision-making and planning of the transportation of dangerous goods logistics.

Advantages of ADR-API:

  • Process automation: Chemius ADR-API automates the determination of ADR requirements from orders, making the preparation of compliant transport documents easier and faster.
  • Real-time insight: The ability to obtain information on the need for ADR transport immediately upon creating a work order allows for more accurate planning and execution of hazardous goods logistics.
  • Multimodal transport document: Extending ADR-API to prepare multimodal transport documents enables companies to automatically prepare documents for combined transportation of dangerous goods (e.g., when road transport of dangerous goods is followed by transport by sea).
  • Error minimization: Reducing errors in ADR transport documentation and the possibility of prior insight into the need for ADR transport contribute to lower risks of financial penalties and operational obstacles.
  • Accuracy and currency of information: Using the latest valid data on dangerous goods listed in current safety data sheets allows for accurate calculations of ADR points, crucial for ensuring safe and compliant transportation of dangerous goods.
  • Streamlining the process: Integrating ADR-API with external logistics services further simplifies the process, allowing companies to focus on their core business without being burdened by the complexity of ADR compliance.

Why choose Chemius ADR-API? 

In the transportation of dangerous goods, document compliance is not only a matter of efficiency – it is also a legal requirement. Irregularities can lead to significant financial penalties and operational obstacles. ADR-API tackles this challenge by offering a solution that seamlessly integrates with your system. From the moment a work order is created, insight into whether ADR transport will be required is enabled. This allows for more precise planning and execution of dangerous goods logistics. This functionality is crucial for companies to plan the appropriate type of transportation for dangerous goods, ensuring safety and regulatory compliance from the outset.

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