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How can the new WEB-API eliminate manual labor and ensure up-to-date information on your website?

If you're selling products containing hazardous chemicals online, you must adhere to strict regulatory standards.  

This includes clearly stating the risks associated with the products in their descriptions. However, manually inputting this data from safety sheets is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, as this information can quickly change. By implementing a WEB-API, you can leave the aforementioned problems in the past.. 

What is a WEB-API? 

A WEB-API is an interface that allows your website to directly connect to Chemius and automate the transfer of all necessary information about hazardous chemicals. With the WEB-API, you can ensure that your product information is always up-to-date and accurate, as data is transferred directly from safety data sheets in Chemius. For a better understanding of how the WEB-API works, you can watch the following video. 

How does the WEB-API work? 

  • Compliance maintenance: Chemius WEB-API offers a solution for maintaining compliance and accuracy in presenting hazardous chemicals online. 
  • Up-to-date data: Direct integration of the WEB-API into websites ensures that product information is always current. 
  • Automation: By managing data and updates within Chemius, companies can eliminate the risk of outdated or incorrect information on their websites, freeing them from the tedious task of manually editing web content. 

Advantages of the WEB-API: 

  • Up-to-date information: Its direct integration into e-commerce platforms ensures that safety information is always current, reducing the risk of regulatory non-compliance. 
  • Increased operational efficiency: Eliminates the need for manual data entry, while also enhancing consumer confidence by providing reliable and up-to-date information. 
  • Focus: The WEB-API allows companies to focus on their core activities, confident that their online product information is efficiently managed and compliant with safety regulations. 

Implementing the WEB-API in your company is quick and easy, with minimal impact on existing systems.  

Based on our experience, WEB-API implementation can be completed in less than a week if the company already has an established IT department. Once the WEB-API is set up, no additional work is required, meaning minimal maintenance and maximum efficiency 

If you have any additional questions or would like a quote for the WEB-API, feel free to reach out to me at 

P.S.: If you missed my previous post where I wrote about the SDS-API, you can read it here.

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