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How can we as a company based in Turkey submit PCN to ECHA?

We receive this question from many clients on a regular basis, so I decided this might be useful to share here on the blog as well. 
Here it goes: 
How can we as a company based in Turkey submit PCN to ECHA? 
My reply usually goes like this:  
Since your company is established in Turkey, you are considered as a non-EU/EEA-based supplier 
Unfortunately, only companies based in the EU/EEA or in Northern Ireland can submit Poison Centre Notification (PCN) in accordance with Annex VIII of Regulation (EC) no. 1272/2008 (CLP regulation).  
A non-EU/EEA-based supplier (such as your company) can only submit voluntary PCNs through a EU/EEA based legal entity (we can do that, since we are an EU-based legal entity). 

In that case you get a voluntary UFI code, which you can give to your buyers in the EU/EEA and then they can do the PCN as duty holders (as importers of the mixture), referring to that UFI and must have their own UFI on the label – not the voluntary one.  
This is only a means for you to protect the complete composition of the mixture. The voluntary UFI will not be legally valid if placed on the label, as your company is not a duty holder in the EU/EEA.

If you have no problem with disclosing the exact composition to your buyers, then the voluntary submission step is not needed. 
In that case you only disclose what the importer needs, and they submit the PCN and inform you of their UFI code, so you can already place it on the label/packaging.  
Of course, we can also submit PCNs for the importer, if you connect us with them. 
Sharing information in the supply chain to be able to comply with the legislation is in our opinion crucial for a good cooperation between non-EU/EEA suppliers and EU/EEA suppliers, so in that case you could continue with the successful sales of the product.

If you need help with submitting PCNs, our team can help your company as well. Just drop us an e-mail at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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UFI / PCN | March 14, 2024

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