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What do you need to know about the transport of small packaging units - LQ?

Transport of dangerous goods packed in small packaging units is usually carried out as an ADR exception.

What are small packaging units?

These are products that are packaged in a quantity that is less than or equal to the limited quantity for the specific product. The limited amount depends on the level of danger of the product. The more dangerous the product, the smaller the limited quantity. The limited amount can be e.g. 0kg, 500ml, 1kg, 5l,...

Where can we find information on how much is the limited quantity for a specific product?

This information can be found in section 14 of the safety data sheet, where transport information is given. One of the data is limited quantity (LQ - Limited Quantity).

The following is important: small packaging units must be packed in an outer transport carton or wrapping film. The gross weight of the transport packaging in cardboard can be a maximum of 30 kg, and in the case of wrapping film a maximum of 20 kg.

The package prepared in this way must be marked with an LQ label in the size of 10cm x 10cm:

What do you need to know about the transport of small packaging units - LQ?


If a large quantity of dangerous goods is packed this way (over 8 tons gross), it is necessary to mark the vehicles with similar LQ boards.

If there are liquid chemicals in the inner packaging, it is necessary to mark the package (outer transport carton or wrapping film) with directional arrows on two opposite sides.

To make the packaging easier to understand, I have prepared a picture:

Kaj vse morate vedeti o prevozu manjših embalažnih enot – LQ?


A transport document is NOT required for the transport of limited quantities - small packaging units.

It is also NOT required that the packaging (internal and transport) be UN certified.

The driver does NOT need an ADR certificate.

Vehicles are NOT marked with ADR orange plates.

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ADR | January 25, 2024

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