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We help clients save time, money, and nerves when it comes to ever-changing challenges of chemical legislation and proper management of chemical documentation.

Here’s what we found over the years that our clients love

Two-way dialog (not one way rant).

We are deeply aware that every client is different with their own needs and challenges. That’s why we pay attention when they tell us their stories, frustrations and challenges related to Safety Data Sheet management. You need to give time to better understand your clients and provide meaningful solutions.  

Accessible in a way it suits you.

You can find our pictures, short bio, phone numbers and email of everyone on our web page. Here you can ask for the offer through a short and simple web form if you’re not comfortable talking to us. You can even try our SDS management service for free and see if it works for you. At the end you can still just drop us a short e-mail if that’s what you’re used to.

Responsive Communication Matters. 

Having many communication channels is one thing. But another thing is to be there, to respond. That’s why we don’t use phone answering machines. We answer all the phones before they ring three times. And we answer every e-mail that relates to challenges of chemical regulations. 

Learning new things from experts, together.

When you deal with us you reap the benefit of an unparalleled treasury of knowledge about what works, what doesn't, and why.

You can be part of exclusive BENS events that happen twice a year – usually sold out in 48 hours or less. You can have access to our professional materials through BENS mailing. And you can freely access more than 800 blog posts on BENS Insider’s blog. You can follow us on our YouTube channel.

Whatever way you choose, you’ll find one thing in common. We give tons of valuable insights on which you can act quickly and effortlessly.  

Transparency, always.

We believe a good, long-term relationship starts with being open and transparent.

We will tell you about the costs (not just our fees), expected timeline for the projects and what we need to deliver the results we promise. There are no hidden costs related to our cooperation – we hate those too.

Maybe that’s the reason why the vast majority of our clients stay with us forever.

Tailor made solutions that really get results for clients.

Solutions that are quick to implement, save tons of time and put money back into our clients’ pockets. Solutions that are advanced yet fit into their business processes without turning the company upside down. Solutions that provide measurable results.

If you – like our clients - share these beliefs, then I’m delighted we found each other. You and I could be a good fit to work together – DM or email me at

Information on this blog is prepared with utmost care, but it is not about (chemical) consulting, and the provider does not assume any responsibility or liability for the correctness, accuracy and up-to-dateness of published content. If you need advice for a specific case, you can write to us at
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