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I think SDSs are done backwards.

Almost everybody is underestimating the information aka value within these documents.

If you think of it SDSs are done because they MUST be done. They are then carefully stored somewhere, and nobody touches them anymore.

Information inside these documents is untapped territory for businesses to get bigger on.

Get ready for this to explode once businesses recognize what can be done with a single source of information which can then be poured into every single department in a way that makes value for them. Unbelievable huge. Nobody currently thinks about it that way.

Most people and businesses think on what they can make money now and we think in terms of what's going to happen that's going to change that and create opportunity for growing the business.

Living for today but keeping an eye on tomorrow and not putting yesterday on a pedestal. We are aware that SDSs in PDFs worked for most companies 20 years ago. But it's not 20 years ago now.

20 years ago, Nokia was a go to brand for mobile phones (first iPhone came out in summer of 2007). But life changes. And it's the same in business.

My advice is you try to find companies like ours. Companies that are not going to sell you things that aren't real anymore. Too many companies and service providers are about yesterday - just doing SDSs in PDF formats. Explore other options. It can pay out big.   

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Other | January 8, 2024

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