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Dobili smo zalogo proizvodov s starim trgovskim imenom. Kaj moram narediti, da jih bom lahko prodajal?

You find yourself in a situation where you have prepared safety data sheets, labels, and made submissions to the National authorities and Poison Center Notification (PCN notification) for products under the new trade name. However, your supplier has sent you a stock of products that bear the old trade name. This unexpected difference in trade names can lead to undesirable consequences and sanctions.

To avoid any potential issues, it is crucial to align the safety data sheets and labels with the appropriate trade name. In this case, it is necessary to create a new safety data sheet that includes the correct trade name. If you are the one selling the product in Slovenia under the new trade name, it is mandatory to register this name with the Bureau of Chemicals in Slovenia (ISK notification).

As for the Poison Center Notification (PCN notification), you have two options:

  1. You can ask the supplier to add Slovenia to the existing PCN This will ensure that the requirements for PCN notification are fulfilled.
  2. If the supplier is unwilling to cooperate or update the PCN notification, you will have to take care of the PCN notification yourself.

We understand that resolving this situation can be time-consuming and demanding. That's why we're here to help and facilitate the process. If you send us a brief email to, we can provide you with expert assistance that will save you a lot of time, energy, and potential troubles. Don't hesitate to reach out to us, as we are here to support you.

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SDS | June 16, 2023

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