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Looking to expand market area of your biocides in Europe?

Companies ask us constantly in which countries can we help them expand their market of biocides and of course: "How long would the registration take?".

As we all know, biocides are special kind of products that require registration before they can be placed on a specific market. Registration of a biocidal product in one european country does not mean that you can sell or use this product in other european countries as well.

This is the reason we put together a comprehensive list of countries, in which you can check how long would further market expansion of your transitional period biocidal products take:

Austria – 1 week
Belgium – 1 year
Bulgaria – 6 months
Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2 months
Croatia – 2 months
Czech Republic – 4 months
Cyprus – 2 months
Denmark – 1 year*
Estonia – 3 months
Finland – 1 year*
France – 6 months
Germany – 1 week
Greece – 6 months
Hungary – 4 months
Ireland – 2 months
Italy – 1 year
Latvia – 3 months
Lithuania – 3 months
Malta – 3 months
Moldova – 4 months
Montenegro - 4 months
Netherlands – 1 year*
Norway – 1 week
North Macedonia – 6 months
Poland – 2 years
Portugal – 1 year
Romania – 1 year
Slovenia – 2 months
Serbia – 6 months
Slovakia – 4 months
Spain – 1 year
Sweden – 1 year*
Switzerland – 4 months
Ukraine – 2 months
United Kingdom – 4 months
*in some countries duration depends on the biocidal product type and can be shorter than stated

If perhaps you are interested in market expansion to any of the above mentioned countries – you can obtain additional information regarding prices, state fees, required documentation and any other further details at

Make best use of transitional period biocidal products, as long as you still can! Transitional period will end soon, and will be replaced by much more costly and time consuming procedure.

Why don't you start with market expansion right now?

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Biocides | June 14, 2023

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