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Companies that produce or import/carry certain chemicals into Croatia are required to keep registers on chemicals. The duty of keeping a register applies to:

  • chemicals from Article 3 point 2 of the Chemicals Act,
  • chemicals for which the creation of a safety data sheet is required, according to Regulation (EC) nr. 1907/2006 (REACH Regulation),
  • for biocidal products.

The cumulative annual register data is submitted to the Department for Toxicology of the Croatian Institute of Public Health. Data is submitted via forms found in the Ordinance on registers. The deadline for submitting registers for the year 2021 is 31 January 2022.

On 8 January 2022 a new Ordinance came into forceOrdinance on the manner of keeping the register of chemicals and the manner and deadlines for submission of data from the register. Document is available only in Croatian language (original name of the document is “Pravilnik o izmjenama i dopunama Pravilnika o načinu vođenja očevidnika o kemikalijama te o načinu i rokovima dostave podataka iz očevidnika (NN 147/2021)”

The most significant news is the amendment of the Annex containing the forms of the register. The Ordinance now contains new registers for biocidal products and active substances. This means that producers, i.e. importers or carriers of biocidal products onto the Croatian market will have to keep registers on biocidal products.

Keeping registers is not important merely because the Law requires it. The data from the registers enables the Department for Toxicology two important things. Firstly, it gives insight into what chemicals can be found within Croatia. Secondly, the Department can react quicker and better in case of emergencies such as accidents involving chemicals and cases of poisoning.

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