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In the first post - link here - we looked at the obligations of persons involved in the trade in chemicals in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the second part - link here - I presented what are the requirements for specific chemicals?

Today we will talk about the conditions in the Federation of BiH and what are the additional conditions you need to know (but we have not mentioned them yet).

In the Federation of BiH, it is currently necessary to obtain a permit only for the import of poisons – a limited number of chemicals listed in current regulations. Considering that the new Law on Chemicals was adopted in 2020, new bylaws are being drafted, which will define the same obligations in the Federation of BiH that already exist in the Republika Srpska. For the upcoming obligations, it is necessary to make timely preparations that will ensure a smooth transition without affecting the business.

There are additional conditions for the import of chemicals into Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a signatory to the Rotterdam Convention, and for chemicals regulated by that convention, it is necessary to carry out the prescribed procedures before exporting to BiH.

If you have met the previous requirements and obtained the above permits, for some chemicals such as precursors for the production of narcotics it is necessary to obtain an additional import permit. Increased customs controls on imports into BiH for these and other strictly controlled chemicals in the past year have shown that many importers are not aware of the obligations prescribed for chemicals in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This leads to the impossibility of realizing the planned import, mainly when the goods have already arrived at the border. Therefore, customers whose production process depends on the imported raw materials or whose work is otherwise conditioned by the continuous supply of chemicals suffer. This compromises the supply chain, and nowadays, reliability is most valued. And there are the costs involved in goods standing at the border.

Are you willing to pay such a price for ignorance? Do you want to risk getting your shipment “trapped” at the border and getting into lengthy and complicated administrative procedures when you have the least time to do so? Get informed, obtain the necessary permits in time and forget about the shipment the moment you ship it.

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SDS Biocides | November 24, 2021

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