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Thrilled to announce that BENS Consulting is broadening its franchise family. We're extremely pleased Nina Pajović is joining as a CEO and exclusive owner of Bosnia and Herzegovina franchise.

So now BENS Consulting offers you local presence in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nina will help our clients with in-depth knowledge on chemical regulations, supported by the right amount of empathy and humbleness.

Before starting her own path as an exclusive BiH franchise owner, she worked for almost 16 years in Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Republika Srpska. Being part of the competent authority for chemicals and biocides gave her the rare opportunity to build her professional knowledge from ground up. As a result, Nina truly knows all the processes and legislation from inside out which is necessary for effective consulting service.

Not only does she know chemical legislation in Bosnia from macro level, i.e., how the adoption of regulations on chemicals in accordance with the relevant regulations of the European Union went. She was also involved in micro level such as assessing the compliance of chemical documentation for chemicals and biocides with local regulations.  

Her work span was raging from implementation of chemical regulations – keeping the Register of Manufacturers and Importers of Chemicals and taking care of the Inventory of Chemicals - to monitoring notifications of biocides on a national level and actively help companies that produce or import chemicals to comply with regulations.

All this shows flexibility runs in Nina’s blood which is another ingredient required for success. What’s more Nina proved on numerous occasions she puts customers and their needs first. That being one of BENS Consulting’s core values and strengths we look in our partners. This is also one of the reasons why most of our clients stay with us forever.

Her dedication and love for chemical legislation will bring most needed help to our clients wanting to quickly penetrate Bosnian market or simply sell their chemicals without any hassle.  Her desire to help others mixed with that deep expertise is a guarantee for a win-win results and partnerships.

Nina as well as BENS Consulting is here for the long run. She’s building a long-term business where she knows her customers, their personal stories, desires and needs. She’s without a doubt a kind of person that doesn’t rest until she’s made sure the customer is happy with her work. The aim is to build a business where we celebrate customers’ victories and share our knowledge.

And that is why we know Nina is a perfect choice for our clients and BENS Consulting. We wish you all the best on your way.


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