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Clients often ask us about the official sources where they can look or research. 

So, we gathered 9 links here which we find useful. Here they are (listed in alphabetical order): 

  1. European Chemicals Agency: C&L Inventory
    This database contains classification and labelling information on notified and registered substances received from manufacturers and importers.
  2. European Chemicals Agency: EU Chemicals Legislation Finder
    This EU Chemicals Legislation Finder or EUCLEF in short gives you an overview of the European Union’s legislation on chemicals. You can search for information on your substances, find applicable laws and check what obligations you may have. 
  1. European Chemicals Agency: Guidance on biocides legislation
    This site describes how to fulfil the information requirements set by the Biocidal Products Regulation and how to perform the required assessments. 
  1. European Chemicals Agency: Guidance on CLP
    Here you can find all documents concerning the implementation of CLP regulations. 
  1. European Chemicals Agency: Guidance on REACH
    Here you can find a list of all the Guidance Documents helping you with REACH implementation. 
  1. European Chemicals Agency: List of active substances and suppliers (Art. 95)
    The purpose of this list is to "ensure the equal treatment of persons placing active substances on the market". Here you can find the list of relevant substances and the respective substance and product suppliers. 
  1. European Chemicals Agency: Registered substances
    Here you can find data that comes from registration dossiers submitted to ECHA by the date indicated as last update. 
  1. UNECE: GHS implementation
    This page helps you see the current status of HGS implementation on contry by country basis. 
  1. UNECE: GHS pictograms
    “Where can we get pictograms” is one of the most common questions we get. This site provides all information you need regarding pictograms. 

Let me know how you find these links.

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