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The UFI code determination and PCN notification involve a system that applies to legal provisions under Annex VIII of CLP Regulation No. 1272/2008. It is a system that unifies both the platform for providing information as well as the content of information about hazardous mixtures that is available to poison centres in all EEA member states.

This means that, for example, the Slovenian Poison Centre will now have the same format of information as the Romanian or German poison centres. It involves the harmonisation of the relevant information across the entire European Economic Area.

UFI and PCN enable greater transparency and more accurate information about hazardous chemicals that is available to poison centres.  In cases of poisonings with hazardous chemicals, the poison centres will have more information that will be more transparent and easier to access than before.

In many member states, this information has been available only in the form of safety data sheets in PDF format, which is a very poor way of providing information necessary for taking proper action in case of a poisoning. UFI and PCN will enable quicker and more appropriate action in the cases of poisoning with hazardous chemicals.

The provided system will allow poison centres to have all the necessary information by using the UFI code on the label and PCN notification.

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UFI / PCN | June 14, 2019

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