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The UFI code alone has no value. PCN has to be performed for every specific UFI code.

PCN (Poison Centre Notification) is the procedure of notification used by a company to report information about a hazardous mixture in the common European database of poison centres.

This is not completely new.

Companies that bring hazardous chemicals to Slovenia already have to notify such chemicals to the competent body. In Slovenia, this body is the Slovenian Chemicals Office. The notification is made via the IT system for chemicals (ISK).  The notification also contains the safety data sheet (SDS). This SDS is added in a database that can be accessed by the Slovenian Chemicals Office or the Slovenian Poison Centre.

The basic purpose or chemicals notification in the ISK system is to protect people and their health. This is also the task of poison centres now and will remain so in the future.

Certain EU member countries have already introduced their information systems, some other countries are preparing and introducing them. The PCN procedure is therefore designing a common European database where all poison centres across Europe will be able to get accurate information (including composition) about hazardous chemicals in the market.

If a person is poisoned with a hazardous chemical, these centres can get accurate data on the basis of the UFI code about chemical composition and, based on acquired data, they can decide on appropriate medical treatment of the poisoned person. The speed of action saves lives in such cases.

As is evident from everything that has been written so far, the UFI code and the PCN notification procedure put the major share of responsibility on formulators and mixture importers. And, on the other hand, also on companies that rename and repackage those mixtures.

We also advise distributors to familiarise themselves with the code and the procedure, because in certain cases the formulators and manufacturers will have to notify mixtures in countries where you as distributors sell the mixtures.

That's enough for today.

If you missed the first article about the UFI code, you can read it here.

The next article will talk about why the current system disables effective actions and why the transfer to the UFI code and the PCN notification procedure make sense.


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UFI / PCN | September 25, 2018

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