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I just returned from two business meetings.

What caught my attention is their different stories on how they approach clients.

You must be thinking what does that have to do with safety data sheets?

As you'll see more than you think.

Both companies are involved in selling chemicals to other businesses in foreign markets. Both have great products.

But while one company is loosing its market share the other one is growing quite rapidly.

So what made the difference?

While one waited for customers to come to them, the other went out to offer free samples, easy money return policy, as well as the service of taking care of chemical documentation.

Naturally free samples proved how good their products were and built a lot of goodwill. Lots of companies do that.

But here's the important part making all the difference ...

They also took care of the chemical documentation – the »boring« part no one likes (or even hates) doing.

Just imagine. You receive locally adjusted safety data sheets (even your company logo is there) and ready-to-print labels. Everything done, ready to use and free of charge.

Everything's already there making it easy for you to make a connection. And to make the first order.

In other words, the second company removed all the obsticles and risk for doing business with them. They put themselves in customer's shoes by understanding their worries and objections.

In our race to compete for a slice of the market, we often forget the people we intended to serve. These two companies today reminded me to always leave room for the customers at the table.

Now, I can't help you with the products part but I can offer you a free test drive and service that helps companies like yours on daily basis.

Let me know, if you could use more time to build relationships with your customers. We can help.


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SDS | May 3, 2018

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